Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Something in the way she said -

My favorite blog had great writing and great topics that I came to care for. The regular responders came to be almost like a family, and so I too became part of a societal study group - at the now defunct blog Attorney Notes. Dorcas Hawker is an Arlington TX Baptist shiny-pin (newly-gained status, you GDI's) lawyer who had a whole life going on with her real family, her church (led by an attention-getter himself, Ben S. Cole, now joining the staff of Emmanuel Baptist in Enid OK) as well as a circle of near- and far- friends in Southern Baptist circles.

This lady has a heart for writing that hits you like Emily D., or Papa, or the Man from Yoknapataupha (sp?) County. She can be zingingly brief like Bret Harte or O. Henry, or lyrically tear-wrenching like few writing commercially today, perhaps a new Pauline Kael. When she cared about a subject, you WOULD care about it too, with no time off for good behavior.

Unfortunately, an attorney in our legal swamp of a nation cannot be readable in public, lest some Patty Hewes of an opponent cook up a conflict or legal trick out of pure vapor, so we lose this dear jewel of a writer.

Dorcas, if you ever get enough of that trade and its people, you have a readable soul that many eyes would love to plumb.

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