Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Welcome to 2011

Heralding the BEST of things, let's talk about the best people to ever represent their home countries:

England: Winston Churchill, who went many places and did many things; led his nation through its most challenging days.

America: James Madison, who poured his soul into the new Constitution, and then served his country, even after leaving the Presidency.

Persia/Iran: Neda Agha-Soltan, hero of her coming revolution, who was ten times the man that the slime were who ruled her country while she was alive, and those who murdered her and later repeatedly desecrated her grave.

France: Napoleon Bonaparte of France, whose country peaked centuries ago.

Canada: The person hasn't been born yet. Lots of socialists, singers and athletes, though.

India: Ghandi, who should make all those of the subcontinent proud even today.

South Africa: Nelson Mandela, whose bravery couldn't be transferred to his family, unfortunately.

Russia: Zhukov and those fighting men who served under him, only to be betrayed by their motherland, as it has betrayed every generation before and since. A salute to Yeltsin, whose lion's heart was in the right place.

Australia: The common man of America's steadiest partner and ally.

Sweden: I don't know who, but she's blonde.

Norway: Somebody NOT on the Peace Prize Committee.

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